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E-Commerce Marketing That Increases Revenue

While making the site easy to use is definitely an important factor, there is much more involved in making a success of an e-commerce site. If you want to improve your sales online, you need a way to bring new leads to the site. That means digital marketing. What follows is a game plan for helping you to increase site traffic and conversions.

When people shop online, they cannot pick up the product, look at the packaging, and give it a try. While pictures, videos, and product descriptions are a good place to start, many online consumers go straight for product reviews. In fact, one study from 2013 reveals that most people trust online reviews as much as they would a personal recommendation from someone that they know. If you run an e-commerce site, but do not yet allow users to post reviews of products, you have put yourself way behind your competitors from the start.

Do not underestimate the power of social media in bringing new visitors to your site. It is not like the old days of word-of-mouth advertising when someone tells two friends, and they each tell two friends, and so on. Now people tell hundreds of friends and followers at once with a simple tweet, pin, like, or repost. Plus, you can use your social media to let followers know about special sales and offers. You may even offer discounts as an incentive for sharing your site with their social media.

Also, a blog can be an excellent way to attract attention to your site. You can use a blog for more extensive product reviews than the small descriptions you give on the product page. Having fresh content on a weekly basis will help improve your search engine ranking, and with as many as half of people clicking on the first search result, that is a really big deal.

PPC advertising is not an absolute must, but it does ensure that your ad is prominent when a consumer is using a search engine. Googe Adwords has the tools that you need to find keywords to target your audience. By using a campaign like this to advertise a product that is already very popular, you have a good chance of high conversion rates. Plus, if your content is high quality and the website is designed well, you can direct targeted traffic to the end goal that you desire, in this case, a sale.

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