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Winter Is Coming – Is Your Ecommerce Content Ready?

Winter, as well as the holiday season, are almost upon us. It’s a time of year that calls for greatness on the part of marketing tactics to get the attention of consumers when everyone is vying for it their hardest. What is some end of the year content that can draw attention to your eCommerce site? Here are a few ideas that can build customer relationships and maintain consumer engagement.

Let’s start with a holiday guide for shopping. Everyone has a list of people to shop for. Help them out with a list of items that can spark ideas for them. What are the hot items this year? What do their family, friends, or coworkers want this year? Pick a specific topic rather than overgeneralizing. It can be anything from last-minute gift ideas to ideas for the perfect gift for a baby. That makes the content more useful and is more likely to get you some social media attention.

Last year was a rough winter across the US. Another bad one, perhaps worse, is being predicted. How about providing a “Winter Survival Guide”. Give consumers tips on how to get their home and family ready for winter. What winterization methods should they use? What will they want to purchase in advance to help out after a big storm? Again, you will want to be specific. Provide suggestions for what to do on a snow day, especially if the power is out. Make suggestions for snow removal products that will make getting out of the driveway easier on the days they can’t let the weather keep them in.

This is a great time of the year to introduce people to products they weren’t aware of before. It’s still early enough to catch people before they have made a list and checked it twice. Show them what they want on their gift list this year. Fall fashion is already in swing and winter fashion is soon to be here. Use video to engage multiple senses at once and give consumers something to be excited about. Many eCommerce sites choose to have a New & Notable section, maybe even getting attention on the homepage.

By applying these suggestions, your site can get a jumpstart on the winter ecommerce rush. After all, if the winter is as bad as they are calling for, a lot of people may prefer to shop from home this year.

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