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Get Your Site the Search Engine Ranking It Deserves (and Then Some)

SEO, or search engine optimization, is vital for the visibility of a company website. Sure, you can pay for ads, but organic traffic is really the lifeblood of website traffic. Google has caught on to the schemes that used to get sites to the top undeservedly. Now it requires strong SEO content to get that coveted first spot that about half of web searchers will click on. Here are 5 tips to keep your content ranking strong.

1. High Quality Content. Google ignores junk and keyword stuffed content that makes no sense. You need a strong SEO writer to provide high quality content in order for the Google algorithm to pick up on the keywords you want to rank for. Relevant engaging content that happens to include the right keywords is what will drive a site to the top.

2. Keyword Selection. If you don’t choose the right words, you’ll either be stuck behind sites with such strong SEO you will never rank above them, or the people who find your search in a site will not be interested in visiting it. You need to go after keywords that you can reasonably rank for. You also need to go after keywords that people actually search for. Finally, your need to rank for keywords that people will type when they want a site like yours. Otherwise they will just move on to whoever ranked second, but is more relevant to their needs.

3. The Value of Analytics. Keep track of unique site visitors and where they come from. Are you getting a lot of organic traffic? What keywords are getting people to your site? That will show you where to keep the focus of future content. It may also reveal that there are some subjects that aren’t worth the effort.

4. Don’t Neglect Social Networking. Every page on your site should have links so that viewers can easily share it across social media. Don’t leave anything out. Let them Like it, give a +1, Pin it, Tweet it, or share it in any other way you think a person might. You can even include a call to action that encourages people to use social media.

5. Use Keywords Properly. A big mistake people make is trying to fit every keyword that they want to rank for into every page or blog post. That just confuses Google. Pick 2 to 3 keywords per page or blog post at maximum. Don’t overuse the keywords. Going beyond 3 percent density doesn’t really help your ranking.

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