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Don’t Let Limitations Placed By Clients Limit Your Design Creativity

A website is an important business feature. It turns visitors into customers. It takes customers and creates loyal patrons. The goal of the designer is to lead potentials down this path while also creating a website that is attractive and not just a boring sales pitch.

Of course, designers are creative people, and sometimes that means they create websites that step outside of the realm of what makes sense to the average business person. Thus, many clients will put the kid gloves on a designer by making requests for elements that are difficult to include along with restrictions that may seem to limit creativity.

In web design, the client is always right, even when they aren’t. You’re design idea may be better than what is in their head, but you still have to work within the boundaries. How can you play by the rules and still create an engaging site that shows your skill and creativity?

Look at Things From the Client’s POV

Intelligent and creative people hate to be micromanaged, and business executives feel more need to manage creative types than anyone else, therefore continuing the ongoing struggle of creativity versus constraints.

A business owner wants people to take their website seriously. They want the content to be intellectually stimulating and sales driven, and the imagery sophisticated and conservative. You, on the other hand, may have been thinking more along the lines of “unique” and “eye-catching”. The question is: Which is more likely to attract customers for this particular business?

Don’t take the limits personally. Accept them as a challenge. After all, it takes even more creativity to live within the boundaries provided by the client and still develop something amazing.

Don’t Let Limitations Placed By Clients Limit Your Design Creativity

Stay Within the Lines

They are there for a reason. The client may know something about their customers that you don’t. They may understand something about the way their potential leads think that is escaping your notice. Even if the client is dead wrong, you still have a job to do. But staying inside the lines doesn’t have to be boring, especially if you get to pick the colors.

Don’t take every request by the client as an affront to your style. Most of the time, you still get some leeway. They may have picked the font, but did they tell you what size to make the headings? They may already have a business logo, but were there any guidelines about how to incorporate it into the site?

Taking Responsibility

Let’s be honest. If you end up hating the finished product, it isn’t because the client forced you to stay within boundaries that destroyed any hopes of creating something great. It’s because you failed to create the best work possible within those boundaries. Don’t forget, if the site is a flop, the business owner won’t blame it on their requirements but on your work, so make sure you are proud of every project.


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