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SEO: Power of the Front Page

To gain online visibility and traffic, getting into the first page of Google rankings is very much important. If your website fails to make it to the Google’s first page, then your chances of getting found are pretty slim. Many studies suggest that web surfers don’t like to click the second page of the search results. They abandon the search and begin a new search by rephrasing the search term.

Why is it so important? A recently conducted research shows that over 94% of users clicked on a first page result and less than 6% moved to the second page to select a result displayed there. There is a substantial gap between 10th and 11th spots. The 10th spot which falls within the first page grabs 2.71% of total clicks, while the 11th spot which comes at the top of the second page only gets 1.11%. That’s a 143% dip from one position to the next.

As expected the first position has always been the most clicked on location. It gets more than 34 percent of clicks. So, more than one third of the surfers visit the site that holds the first position in Google search. The site in the second position gets only 17 percent. It receives less than half of the importance of the first position. But generally web surfers think that all the sites listed in the first page are relevant to their search term.

Importance of SEO: A user experience research firm conducted a study to find the impact of organic search results and ads. It was geared towards eye-tracking of search users. The findings were quite interesting. All the surfers viewed the organic listings, while paid ads got only 91 percent of viewing. Many users managed to overlook the paid ads and went directly to the organics. This study shows that people hugely believe in search engine ranking more than anything and they have learned to overlook paid ads.

Getting ranked on the first page Of Google for a keyword is not a joke. Without the help of a good SEO, one can never hope to achieve it. So, search engine optimization is a basic requirement for any website. If a company has a good SEO, they can drive a TON of new customers their way that they would not have otherwise had. Because, good ranking in a search engine not only improves your online visibility, but also adds credibility to your business.

Whenever you hire an SEO company, make it sure they use white hat techniques. White hat SEO techniques are time taking, when compared to black hat or grey hat techniques, but its result is long lasting. Some companies use shortcuts to show the owner of the website that how quickly the ranking of the website is improved. But it could lead your site to get banned from the search engines. Basically, white hat SEO gives importance to keywords, original content along with the information not for the search engine, but for the visitors.

Hire a good SEO, break into the first page of the Google search and improve your business!

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