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Ecommerce Web Design

Having a very good and informative website is great. But having a very proficient and neat website, especially an E-commerce website, is a must. Normally people focus on what matters most on their website – the presentation of the products, quick and responsive web design and customization of the online shopping cart. These are the basic things a good website must focus on to have a presentable E-commerce website that looks inviting to a customer’s eyes. But sometimes people seem to miss out on some little points that need attention too. Giving a bit more importance to these pages will contribute to a better, more enticing and improved E-commerce web design for your business.

The 404 Page: The 404 page simply tells your customers that the page they requested cannot be found on the server. This may be disappointing, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything to rectify the situation.

Your 404 page doesn’t necessarily have to mean your business with the customer is over. You can choose to add links to where users can get back to the right path. Your 404 page doesn’t have to be a dead end. You can also throw in some fun designs to keep your user focused on reading more and staying on your webpage. You can even show some clearance and possible featured products or promotions.

Putting a little effort to your 404 can save you a lot of potential customers.

The Thank You Page: E-commerce websites are so often focused on converting visitors to customers that they sometimes forget how important the Thank You page is. You thank you page, aside from showing your customers your appreciation, holds a lot of opportunities for you and your business.

Adding a confirmation message to your Thank You page depicting that the sale has been processed is one great idea. You can also add a ‘share’ link so users can share their purchase with their friends via social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter or by e-mail.

You can also give back to your customer by putting a discount code on the Thank You page. This can give your customer a little push to purchase more from your site. You can combine this strategy with showing some additional products giving you that second order that you want.

The Landing Page: The landing page is very critical in how your customers perceive your business. More often, customers tend to stray their eyes on websites that do not have a very inviting landing page. You can improve their first impression by first making sure that your website branding should match whatever your ad shows. It must have the same logo, color, font and even the same discount advertised.

Your landing page must also have a short description of your business and your goals in a few sentences. You can even add some short testimonials and comments from other customers somewhere in the page. You can place conversion buttons like ‘add to cart’ or ‘buy now’ strategically on your landing page, making it easier for your visitors to become buyers in a short amount of time.

The Contact Us Page: Your Contact Us page gives your customers the opportunity to ask more about your services and to get in touch with you. It should contain the basic contact information for your company such as hyperlinked e-mail and contact number. You can strategically place the contact information for easy utilization. For long websites, you can place your contact information at the top so clients don’t have to scroll down further for your contact information.

Giving more importance to these pages in your E-commerce web design can help you in converting visitors to buyers and attract more potential clients, further improving your business.

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