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Google Glass – Are We Ready For It?

Technology demands innovation. To some – Google Glass is just a geeky gadget, to others it is the next step in technical evolution. In the age of smart phones, tablets and touch-enabled devices, do we really need another fancy invention?

There has been a lot of speculation circling Google Glass, even in its development phase. Google Glass contains a wearable camera lens that includes the virtual world in your otherwise commonplace visual experience. People watch sci-fi movies in hopes that the imaginative gadgets depicted will one day come to fruition. For those people, Google Glass is a dream come true as it looks like it came straight out of Star Trek. Here are some things you need to know about Google Glass:

  1. Voice Commands: Google Glass operates on voice commands. The wearer needs to only utter the commands for the sensors to carry out the instructions. All you’ll need to do is say, “Okay Glass,” followed by your command and Google Glass will carry out the action.

  2. Camera-on-Demand: Built with a small high definition camera, Google Glass offers picture and video recording services. Moments come and go so quickly and Google Glass will ensure that you never miss an important one with your camera easily accessible at all times. Now, all you’ll have to do is activate the camera with your voice to record your memories.

  3. 24×7 Availability: Google glass connects to your home Wi-Fi or the data connection on your Smartphone to bring you calls, emails, messages, etc. at all times. It has been designed not only to receive but also to send out calls and messages. You can compose messages via voice commands with attached files/pictures/videos and send them instantly.

  4. Google Integrations: Google Glass is fully integrated with Google services. For example, you will be able to effortlessly access Google Maps so getting lost will never be an issue.

  5. Travel: When visiting a foreign country, Google Glass will help you translate languages, understand conversion rates, rule out traffic, pick out the best eating joints and will, ultimately, help you blend in with the crowd.

Google glass is definitely a wave of the future. Just a glimpse of what we are capable of now. Keep an eye out, Google Glass is definitely a device to watch for.

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