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Why Your Website Needs Responsive Design

As the use of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets continues to rapidly increase, it has become imperative for web designers to focus on creating sites that are adaptable to multiple devices and screen sizes. With responsive web design, you will not only increase user-friendliness, but you will also reap the many other benefits that this design style brings.

What is Responsive Web Design?

Responsive web design is a technique designers use to create a site that changes according to a user’s screen size. A responsive web page literally responds to the type of device you are using and adapts. This means that no matter what type of device or screen size a visitor has, he or she will see an optimized web page.

Benefits of Responsive Web Design

First and foremost, responsive web design improves user experience and leads to higher conversion rates as well as increased sales. Second, responsive web design is better for SEO. Google has endorsed responsive web design as the best option for mobile, and these sites get a boost in local search results on mobile devices. This design also reduces load time, keeping users from abandoning ship.

In addition, the consolidated approach of responsive web design allows you to focus your SEO campaign on just one website rather than having a separate website for mobile users. Responsive web design also enables consolidation of your analytics and reporting as you will only be tracking one website. Finally, with responsive web design you can save money on both mobile development and site management.

Why You Need Responsive Design.

By utilizing responsive web design, you save money on development, increase your sales and conversion rates, all while providing an excellent user experience. In a time where millions of users are constantly surfing the web on multiple devices, it is critical to have your website adapt. So what are you waiting for?

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