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How To Create An Effective Landing Page

Landing pages are an essential piece of your website. A landing page can make or break a customer’s decision to continue browsing or navigate away. More importantly, an effective landing page can generate good, organic SEO and place you higher in searches. To create an effective landing page that leads to conversions, here are a few simple rules you can follow.

1. Clear Headlines & Concise Text

First, a clear headline is key to catching the reader’s eye. Your headline should be followed by text that both clearly and concisely provides the information that the reader is looking for. Grammar should be impeccable to project a professional image.

2. Interactive Elements

Your landing page should also include interactive elements such as photos and videos to capture the visitor’s attention. Also known as the hero shot, your images or video should provide context for the information that you are offering to the visitor.

3. Simple Navigation

The key to a great landing page is simplicity. Not only should your content be concise, but your navigation should also be simple and easy for the visitor to follow. Do not have an overload of links, as this can overwhelm potential customers.

4. A Stand-Out CTA

Perhaps the most important element of your landing page is the call to action, or CTA. Your CTA should clearly direct the visitor by telling him or her what to do next, whether it is signing up for your newsletter or calling for more information. The CTA should include a conversion button that stands out.

5. Trust Elements

Finally, your landing page must include elements that instill trust in the visitor, such as customer testimonials or third party verifications. These have a huge impact in increasing your conversion rate.

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