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SEO Strategy That Doesn’t Require You to Be a Techie

Developing an SEO strategy can be a daunting task if you have no experience with it in the past. However, you likely realize how vital SEO is for your business to grow and thrive in the digital world. Therefore, we have developed a few simple tips that you can employ to boost your SEO immediately without having to be a technology buff. Believe it or not, the updates to the Google algorithm have actually made it a little easier for the armchair SEO user by weighing the quality of the content over how well you can stuff keywords onto a page.

High-Quality Content Is Key

The fact is that high-quality, original content is far more likely to rank high on Google than copied nonsense stuffed with tons of keywords. Not only does Google penalize unoriginal content, it also recognizes content that has too high of a keyword density. Were there some words you did not quite understand in there? Don’t worry. The key is to write authoritative and high-quality content for your readers.

Churn That Content Out Regularly

Regularly updating your site and adding more content will also help you to rank better on Google. How often do you need your site to update? It depends on what it is for. A blog may only need to be updated once or twice per week. A news site will need to update every day, perhaps even hourly. Once a week is the bare minimum for any site, so if you use a freelance content writer, be sure they have plenty of time to deliver and stay ahead.

The Importance of Page Titles

Your page title serves two purposes. First of all, it catches the attention of the reader. This makes them want to see what is on the page. It needs to be catchy, but still let the viewer know what the page is about. Sometimes a page title can be intriguing, but so vague that no one bothers to look further. Second, you are catering to the search engine. Make sure that Google can figure out what the page is about from the page title.

Internal Links Drive Traffic to Multiple Pages

When your pages are linked well internally, search engines can find more than just your homepage. By linking well and using the right tags on each page, a person is more likely to find a blog post on your site that otherwise would have been buried.

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